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Aug 27, 2021

Speaking at public events such as conferences and tech events is a great way to raise your profile, demonstrate things you've learned and teach others.

On today's show, we chat with Sven Peters of MongoDB's Developer Relations team as well as several professionals with years of professional public speaking experience....

Aug 23, 2021

Ever get so bogged down with a problem that you feel like there's no way out? Or, like there's got to be a more systematic approach to solving problems? Well, on today's episode, we're talking with Danny Hatcher who has developed a course to teach you how to solve problems with a systematic approach to diagnosis and...

Aug 20, 2021

Fire departments and fire rescue professionals are facing unprecedented volumes of incidents in an ever-increasing battle to save lives.

  • Every year, there‚Äôs an average of 358,300 home-based fires.
  •  In 2017, there were at least 1,319,500 fires (wildfire, house fire, and commercial) in the United States that resulted...

Aug 16, 2021

The network edge has been one of the most explosive cloud computing opportunities in recent years. As mobile contactless experiences become the norm and as businesses move ever-faster to digital platforms and services, edge computing is positioned as a faster, cheaper, and more reliable alternative for data processing...

Aug 12, 2021

Today's episode was written, produced and edited by participants in the MongoDB Internship Program. Special thanks to: 
  • Anaiya Raisinghani
  • Devin O'Keefe
  • Kelly Rudder
  • Sylvia Cruz-Albrecht
The MongoDB Internship Program allows students the opportunity to collaborate with full time engineers, doing work that...